Adding Vigor to Plain Areas through House Painting

Adding Vigor to Plain Areas through House Painting

House painting is necessary for transforming the look of an entire estate. In certain occasions, we have plain areas in our household that could use that extra color or décor. Usually, the areas of our homes that require a bit more beauty are hallways, laundry rooms and such. If currently your estate needs vibrancy in one particular area, then we will show you how to do it through house painting.

Get Creative with Stripes

Stripes are a classic way to make a bold statement onto your interior surfaces. You can surely dress up any are of your estate through striped wall painting. Not to mention, stripes also make the space look bigger and wider. Deciding whether you want to paint the stripes horizontally or vertically depends on the look you are going for- for taller spaces go with vertical stripes, and if you want a wider space, horizontal stripes will do.

Create a Dark accent

Dark walls are ideal for adding depth and dimension to a space. You can also use this surface as a backdrop for picture frames and more. Dark accented walls are not necessarily black; you can play with dark tones of purple, blue hues, gray, and so forth.

Get Creative with Different Patterns on Your Surfaces

Patterns add accent and dimension to your estate. Feel free to use some stencils for better outcomes.  Instead of opting for ordinary wallpaper, apply some patterns on your surfaces through house painting.

Add more than one color

Now this may seem odd, but have you ever considered having different colored walls within the same space. In the end, this also creates an accented look. You choose the colors and what works.

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