Cleaning Painted Walls The Right Way

Cleaning Painted Walls The Right Way

Imagine having painted your interior walls no more than two weeks ago, when all of a sudden your dog starts wiping its tiny paws all over it, or your energetic child puts his hands all over them after a fun time outdoors. Dirty walls are bound to happen, one way or another. The good thing is that there are actually a couple pf things that you can do to get those painted walls clean again. Here is all that you need to know so that you can achieve clean painted walls. If you don’t have that attachment or a vacuum cleaner, then dust off the wall with a rag- - it will work just as fine.

The first thing you need to do to achieve a clean painted wall is to check how deep the cleaning your wall needs is. If your wall just has some dust here and there, the cleaning process will be quite simple. All that you will really need to do is get your vacuum cleaner out and what you will use is that soft brush attachment. I know you are probably wondering,” Really, the soft brush attachment?” but trust me, it works wonders. Once you use it, it will most likely become your go to cleaning tool. With that soft brush attachment, vacuum your wall gently.

Now, if the cleaning that your wall requires is a bit deeper than just removing dust, don’t stress it. Grab a bucket of water, a hint of dish detergent, and a microfiber towel to help you wipe the surface of your wall. You can also use any wall cleaning product of choice to get the job done.

We can’t forger to mention: do not use water near any outlets or electrical connections- - for your own safety.

After doing this, you will have achieved a clean and spotless painted wall.