Have you ever seen a purple door

Have you ever seen a purple door

When we talk about painting most often we think of an interior or exterior wall, but painting gives far much more options. For example: doors, they are one of the most visible elements in our house and if we dare to paint them you can give a totally new life to our home!

Although we advise on professional help while painting your door, here are few cost effective tips to stay within your budget and be one step closer to your renewed door.

First we need to evaluate the status of the doors; you should check the fund bolts, hinges, locks and general condition of the surface. If your door passes the examination, then it is time to choose the finishing elements.

Before starting work we got to have very clear what we want to achieve. We will choose our tone or color, if we are going to keep the handles or fittings or not and the process as follows. In principle if you are going to give a modern air to your door, you'd better take advantage to change handles and hinges, replacing them with more modern and also go with the new tone. This will be the finishing touch to your work.

Now we can get to the preparation of the surface. Disassembles the door and work on a surface that allows you to do so in comfort. Dismantles all elements of the door; handles or doorknobs, fittings, etc. Once you have the door "naked" sand the door carefully and remove impurities, small scratches and bumps and other damages you might encounter. Even to fill strokes you can use special wood fillers, usually polyester. If you have many hands of old paint or paint remains difficult to remove the best in any case it is to use a stripper that will leave the door completely clean.

Before getting to the paint you must prepare the door to "receive the painting" for which it is more than advisable to apply a couple of coats of primer. The option to paint doors using glazes prepared from alkyd resins is the one to go. If you choose a quality product it will ensure wide coverage, good gloss and elasticity. You choose the finish, matt or gloss, and of course the color!

After finishing painting all the elements, reinstall the jambs, handcuffs and new hardware to let your door looking spectacularly new. Place the door and enjoy your creation! For more colorful tip come back soon LV Affordable Paint has the solution for you!