Paint Colors

Paint Colors

Paint Colors That Makes A Room Appear Bigger

Whether it is the kitchen, the bathroom, your bedroom, or the living room, there is something we all dislike as home owners, and that is having a small space to move around in. And although we can consider remodeling, a lot of us do not have that availability right off the spot so, is there anything else we can do to make a room appear larger? Of course! There are certain paint colors that make a room appear larger, and we plan on revealing what those colors are. So, if you want to trick the eye into making it believe a room is actually a lot bigger than it appears, here is how:

It is all in the color technique and strategy. Certain color designs and color schemes fool the eye into believing a room is a lot bigger than what it actually is.

When choosing colors, you are going to want to stay away from dark tones, as these tones absorb light and make a room appear small. Logically, if we tell you to stay away from dark tones, what you will need to opt for is those neutral and lighter color palettes. For example the color white. And I know some of you are thinking that white is a boring color, but there are ways to play with it to make it look remarkable and fun.

You can contrast the white with darker shades, the key here though is to never paint a wall a full on dark tone. You can paint the trims of your wall and its moldings in another shade, when you do so, this gives off the illusion that the walls are set further back.

Other than light shades, you need to reduce the clutter and organize furniture strategically. Do not over- do it with hanging wall painting or picture frames, trust us.

So remember, if you want a room to look bigger, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, or you name it, stick to light paint colors.