Paint: To Fade or Not to Fade

Paint: To Fade or Not to Fade

Many property look into home improvements and they know some of that can be quite costly. However, thanks to painting we can transform the entire look and feel of a property and still have money in the bank. Painting has become one of the most cost effective ways to go about home improvements and renovations. The downside to it all though, may be how paint can tend to fade. Have you ever asked yourself why your paint job faded so quickly? If so, here is what might have happened for your paint to have faded,

For starters, if the faded paint is in a room that has a lot of natural lighting, we found the culprit. Majority of times, sunlight is the direct issue with paint that fades too quickly. Consider purchasing a paint sealer for your paint job to last longer, or purchase some nice curtains to keep the sun’s radiant rays out.

Another thing that might have happened for your paint job to fade rather quickly is that you chose the wrong type of paint for your particular project. Picking the right type of paint is fundamental, however it can be tricky since there is so much to choose from. No a days we have semi0gloss paint, glossy, oil based, matte, and more among those. So how do you know when you are choosing the right one? Consult with an expert! Many people have made the mistake of using matte paint in a room as moist and humid as the bathroom, and we all know that won’t last too long.

Not to mention how you might have forgotten to prepare the surface before you got right to painting. And before we forget, if you use two coats instead of one coat of paint, make sure you let the first coat dry.

The best way to avoid your paint from fading so quickly is to have the job done by a professional. They’ll know what paint to use, they can help with the color, and they’ll prep the surface for sure.