Semi-Gloss Paint the Many Advantages

Semi-Gloss Paint the Many Advantages

If you are a property owner that is ready to take on a painting project and you think that choosing what color the walls are going to be I your biggest dilemma- - you got another thing coming. Although majority of painting projects revolve around what color to decide on, the finish is just as important, if not more. The differences between semi-gloss and satin paint are multiple which leaves this being the most difficult decision to make. When compared to each other, semi-gloss proves to have the upper hand. Let’s take a look at what the differences between semi-gloss and satin are and what the benefits of semi-gloss are.

When compared to satin paint, semi-gloss has many advantages. The benefits of semi-gloss start off with their brightness. Although typically satin paint also provides a glow- - just a more subtle one, semi-gloss provides a higher level of shine that can truly brighten up a room.

Another advantage of semi-gloss is the durability. Semi-gloss has proven to be more durable over satin paint. Its gloss allows for sunlight to hit it and not cause any fading.

Furthermore, if you have little kids in your household you might want to read this particular advantage of Semi-gloss over satin paint. You know when kids like to create their masterpieces on your wall? Well, semi-gloss allows for those stains to be removed without an issue. Sure, satin paint allows for that stain removal to happen too but it takes a much longer process and it requires more work. You’d think that due to the gloss it would be more difficult but it is quite the opposite.

Sure, a con of semi-gloss might be how it can often offer too much light and that glare might be a problem for some- - but other than that semi-gloss has many advantages over satin.