The Colors Of 2016

The Colors Of 2016

At LV Affordable Paint Inc we like to keep things simple, yet trendy. For the very reason to give you only quality options when painting your house or commercial property. Did you know that there was a company that issues all types of colors for painting materials? Yes there is, and Pantone it’s the name. This time we’ve brought you an interesting entry on the colors they have chosen for this year in the run.

Pantone, the specialized company exclusively in color, has chosen not one but two colors for this 2016 year. Commonly these two colors serve as good contrast, they are two colors that are used together, suggesting a very enjoyable and meaningful pair for different areas of design, in our case including interior decoration.

The Rose Quarts is a pink hue warm Pantone whose code 13-1520 and serenity is a quiet and relaxing soft blue as its name describes, and can be found in the Pantone color guide Pantone 15-3919 with the code. As explained by the spokespersons of Pantone, the choice is much more symbolic than other years. The combination of both is intended to function as an antidote to the stresses and stress that star in our daily lives; they aim to provide peace and quiet.

Together—Rose Quartz and Serenity, they form a pair that is suitable for any environment. Although each of these colors are those usually associated with sex, they can be used together in a mixed combination for a girl and a boy’s room. On the other hand the delicacy of the combination also makes it very suitable for rooms used only by adolescents.

But surely that looks great in a living room or a kitchen, where you want to give a colorful touch but gentle and serene time. The Serenity Rose Quartz may be accompanied by neutral tones and white to complete the color palette. If you decide to use both colors to paint the walls, you could pick just one for each, therefore painting a wall in pink and one in blue in the environment in question. The rest would go in a neutral color like off-white, or upholstered in a beautiful and delicate wallpaper white small or simple pattern. LV Affordable Paint Inc is here to assist you with all the painting requirements you want over your house or commercial property.