Why is My Paint Still Tacky

Why is My Paint Still Tacky

Why is my paint still tacky? Have you ever asked yourself that question? After your commercial or residential property has been painted in its interior or exterior we expect for our paint to cure properly and for it to dry in no time. In reality though, there are certain scenarios where paint remains sticky and the drying process seems like forever. Find out why paint is still tacky and what you can do to dry it off quicker, here:

Usually, paint is still tacky because it needs an increase in temperature, more air circulation, and a decrease in humidity To dry your paint quicker here is what you will need:

  • Heater
  • Dehumidifier
  • Talc
  • Fan


If you have been asking,” why is my paint still tacky?” then the first thing you need to do is to allow for air to circulate more in the room. Air circulation has the perfect way of allowing for paint to cure. Use a fan of choice to get air running in the room.

Secondly, turn up the heater in a room so that the paint can dry up quicker. Someone people instead of using a heater, use a flashlight to shine the surface and this alternative works just as effective as a heater in curing a paint job.

If after these two steps are done- - both increasing temperatures and air circulation- and you are still asking, “ Why is my paint still tacky? Then don’t worry, there is another thing you can do. Pull out the dehumidifier which will allow for all humidity to cease in the room. If your paint job is on the exterior and the days have been rather humid, just be patient and see if the paint cures after those humid days are gone.

You can also make the situation better by adding some talc to the surface as it will remove stickiness.

Follow these steps and we are sure your tacky paint will no longer be an issue.